For over a decade now, Mark Morales’ passion for healthy living has inspired him to study, explore, and experiment in order to help people lead healthier lifestyles. He started off as a yoga instructor in Malta but fairly quickly gravitated toward his main passion, FOOD. His first project was opening a small vegetarian café, which quickly made him realise that he does not belong in the confines of a closed kitchen. This experience drove him to find another way to express his passion and cater his message more directly to people. A good friend gave him an opportunity to host the kitchen corner on a television program on TVM. On that program, Mark found how natural it is for him to show and explain to people how to cook for a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

At this point, many people started asking for a recipe book, so Mark self-published his first book, I Love Eating Healthy with Mark, which quickly sold over 4000 copies. This success helped him to start cooking on numerous TV shows on a daily basis, and was followed closely by the release of his second recipe book, Do Yourself a Flavour, which was full of easy and healthy recipes.

After starring on countless TV shows talking about his views on education, childbirth and lifestyle, one particular show gained particular traction with the general public. Thus, ‘Ninvestigaw X’Nieklu’ served to transform the general public’s views on food and healthy living. Once a week the host picks a topic and invites guests to engage in healthy debate on that topic. Mark was invited to speak about spirulina, a superfood he had used for many years and included in his recipe books. It was clear that people needed an easily accessible product that would provide high quantities of nutrients to their bodies. In our modern world most people lead especially busy lives and find it hard to learn and adapt to new ways of eating, and Mark’s success in promoting spirulina offered a simple, easy, go-to alternative for people to improve their health. Seeing the positive effects of his lifestyle message at work, combined with the power of the selection of especially curated superfoods he offered, Mark knew he was on to something profoundly important and, as always, he dove into his new project with vision, enthusiasm and conviction.

However, taking the step toward expanding his business in the hopes that he could help transform evermore lifestyles and diets, and ultimately improve public health, wouldn’t have been possible without Stefania. Stefania, Marks partner, started managing various social media platforms, providing daily tips and valuable information about healthy living. Mark and Stefania make a great team, in part because Stefania is also extremely passionate about health and fitness, and her and Mark hold many views on life in common. Mark plays the role of delivering the message through video and television, and Stefania keeps the business and administration organised and professional. Both are absolutely committed to the ultimate goal of SUPPORTING YOU TO FEEL BETTER.