Food has always been my passion. I was brought up as a vegetarian so I have never tasted meat. Mediterranean food was my specialty until I traveled through Asia for 6 years which influenced my cooking style into a healthy innovative fusion.

I travelled mostly through South East Asia, India and Nepal. Whilst travelling I also started practicing yoga regularly which made me more aware of my health.

I then did a yoga teachers training course and I started teaching yoga for a couple of years in Malta. I found myself talking a lot about food after classes, helping people with their diet and talking about my experiences of how food started to change me. Then I tried a raw food lifestyle, thanks to my wife and some good friends. Finally, the famous quote “You are what you eat” made perfect sense.

When you eat food that is alive, you feel alive! A new world opened.  Now my passion has driven me to influence and teach people how to cook and prepare food in different healthy ways.
Whoever knows me knows that my mind is taken over by food and diet. I can talk about it at any time, all the time. It soon became clear to me that it only made sense to create situations in my life where my passion can grow and be shared through different avenues like television, videos, websites and vegetarian recipe books!!

Enclosed in this book is a small collection of recipes I have chosen to share. Most of them were first improvised and then perfected. Some of them I have learned from traditional cooking and then added my little touch to them. I hope you enjoy this little part of me.